Celebrate Summer Time

With Xoopar Splash Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Summer time,  time to hit the beaches,  go to the pool, or take a trip for a few days... Xoopar introduces today in the United States SPLASH, its first waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the ideal companion when you travel!

Shielded inside its silicone coating, SPLASH is resistant to both dust and water. It is IP65 certified : for the rest of us, it means we can take our Spash wherever we go, under most conditions, even summer tropical rain showers in Florida. And yes, that means you can also take your SPLASH with you under the shower, where its smart suction cup will come handy. Comfortable on the beach, Splash resists to wind and sand inclusions.

Create the mood and unleash  5W of music power. That's loud enough to keep you and your friends partying. The soundtracks on your phone keeps your SPLASH rocking wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2 for 4 hours on continuous play.

SPLASH comes with a hidden feature: you can also use it as a speakerphone thanks to its built in microphone. Connected by Bluetooth to your cellphone, you can share the conversation with friends and family.

Now, if you decided to discipline your phone usage for the summer, it does not mean you have to stop listening to your music ! Just copy your soundtracks to a microSD card and insert it in SPLASH reader, and you are set!

SPLASH can also become a lot more discreet. Plug in your headphones 3.5mm jack and your music becomes personal again.

SPLASH comes in 5 colors and is available starting today.


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