Iné Is Born

A Revolutionary Line of Credit Cards Wallets Up to Our Mobile Lifestyle

Sunday, Aug 11th, 2019, New York City, NY- Xoopar is taking the central stage during NY NOW at the Javits Center to launch iné

The inception of iné was driven 2 years ago by Xoopar, the iconic French electronics designer, during a focus group research study featuring iPhone users. The research focused on the habits and behaviors of smartphone users in the capital city. Key takeaways from this research were simple: iPhone users want to travel as light as possible and want to carry as few items as possible with them. There are 3 items only we accept to carry around: a smartphone, a keychain, and a wallet.  Powerbanks,  modern era necessities, are viewed as an unpleasant, bulky imperative, hindering people's freedom and desire for lightness. Illustrating our ambiguous relationship with power banks, 69% of power banks users report having been in a situation where power banks were needed but were not with them, underlining our taste for freedom of movement and lightness, and our dislike for carrying bulky, albeit occasionally helpful items.

The concept of iné was born: making a single, high quality, gorgeous looking wallet that is also a power bank. 

After many attempts, iterations and refinements, iné is officially launched today.

iné is short in French for "inédit", which translates by "previously unpublished" or "brand new".

iné is also a "Like" on FaceBook in Japan.

Unbox iné from its classy dark metal container: the wallet is available in leather and in faux leather. A collection of fashionable colors and textures will follow the first initial classic versions. Your credit and transit cards are perfectly nested in the 4 card slots lined up with RFID protective foil. The sleek flip side is a full body brush aluminum power bank, only 5.5 mm thin, packing 3,000 mAh, that is more than a fully charged iPhone Xs. iné features a LED charge indicator light and a versatile USB type C connector that can be used both to plug your smartphone to recharge it, or to recharge iné when it runs out of juice.  You can even decide to slide apart the cardholding side from the power bank side.  iné is the result of an incredible product development teamwork effort spanning over 2 years. iné is protected by 4 utility patents and beyond the genius of its beautifully minimalistic design lays brilliant engineering.

In a dramatic turn of fate, the iPhone maker just released its first Apple Credit cards this same month, the most innovative card in your wallet. iné is the de facto best wallet for all these Apple Cards owners, and for all smartphone users as well.

iné ships with 3 short braided charging cables to lock to your key chains that make it a universal solution whatever brand of smartphones you have.

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