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Xoopar XBoy Owners Know It Is More Than Hardware!

Talking with Xoopar happy customers is always such an enriching experience for us. Sure they do enjoy their XBoys, generally the flagship product of the brand, but it is always a revelation to listen to how much some of our most fanatic customers interact with their Xboys, especially, it has be noted, in the United States. 


After the usual celebration of  the surprising sound quality of the XBoys mini, for such a diminutive form factor, (and our sales team leader would be also prompt to add : » for only $39 ! ». Yeah, that’s right..)  and the proverbial praise of its unique humanesque design, it is soon time to dive into the (sometimes) very personal relationship some of our most fanatic users entertain with their XBoy.


Shannon, 36, mother of 2 toddlers, in Atlanta, GA, commutes everyday to work, with her « little man » in her bag, and sits it next to her PC monitor on her desk. The 3 inch tall pink Xboy mini has been nicknamed « Casey » and Shannon won’t say why !  In Shannon’s parlance, Casey has been a bad man in a former life and spellbound into Xboy mini to serve Shannon’s will in this life, everywhere she goes. So far, Shannon concedes that Casey has truly made her life more enjoyable. We wish Shannon the best with her pink wireless speaker ! 


John is a Massachussets resident, and as a retired insurance agent, has enough time to worry about his son who lives in southern California. « Nothing prepared me for  this ! «  lashes  Sarah, his wife. « He has such a fascination for that Xboy, he spends his time posting pictures of his XBoy in different situations on Instagram. » John has pictures of his little mint green best buddy holding a mini US Flag in his palm, stepping on what looks like a moon crater,  another picture in what seems to be a blue cotton shirt for Xboy mini, or this last one, where the green little man seems to be holding rubber bands and a pencil in his hands.


Wendy bought an Xboy Stereo, in grey color. For its look. Like most customers, she was blown away by the sound quality.  She remembers «  So it was like the first time I was using a speaker that was actually talking to me ». She refers to the fact that when the XBoy is in discovery mode in Bluetooth, it annonces « Looking around ! » when attempting to pair to her iPhone , followed by the « I’ve got you »  once the pairing is done. Wendy had a kick out of it, and… developped the habit to talk to her XBoy Stereo. The plastic speaker with boyish looks has become her secret confident, as well as her outlet to release some of her daily stress. « Did you ever get a response from the XBoy ?" - Yes !, she says with sparkling eyes, he would occasionally say « I need power ! », and I would be even more angry at him ! Wendy also uses her grey XBoy as a speakerphone on the go. She only discovered later that her XBoy could be paired with a second unit to create real stereophonic effect and a great immersive sound experience in her studio. She placed the grey XBoy on the kitchen counter while her new black twin sits opposite next to the TV. But she confessed : »  The stereo effect is a nice surprise, but my motivation to buy the new speaker  had little to do with it : Now that I am dating this guy, I thought I could also get a plus one for my XBoy ! »


And you, what is your most personal story with XBoy ?

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