Xoopar Launches Geo Collection

An edge-design & wireless interpretation of modern mobile lifestyle

Dec 16th, 2018- Austin -TX
Today Xoopar introduces Geo Collection to the US market.
Xoopar is introducing a new collection of electronic gadgets in a totally new and original design. Inspired by edge design and the notion of freedom, Geo Collection is a 36) degree outlook on modern mobile lifestyle unified by a modern edge design interpretation and wireless technology, getting rid of cables of all sorts.
Geo Collection design is built on segments organized in curved surface to bring life to familiar objects : a lovely set of half  egg shell bluetooth speakers, a set of wireless charging desktop chargers, and a high capacity mobile charger . All the accessories in the Geo collection come with the signature Led lights, illuminating segments of the edge design in the Geo collection.
Start your tour of the Geo Collection with Geo Bluetooth Speakers. available in champagne, silver and black bodies. These edge design wireless speakers deliver 3 watt of power despite their diminutive 2.3 inch size. Xoopar has designed a passive built in subwoofer in the half egg shell  that delivers even more punch to the beat. With an average of 4 hour of play time, Geo Speaker are the convenient high quality convenient speaker you take on the go.
Geo Dock represents Xoopar's first embodiment of a true full-featured Qi wireless desktop fast charger (up to 7.5W for iPhone and 10 W for Android phones). High end smartphones now come more often than not with the capacity to be recharged without connecting them to the plug, using Qi  technology, a standard allowing devices to be recharged simply upon contact with a surface covering a hidden charging coil. But most of these Qi chargers are flat boring pads. Xoopar has included its Qi charger in its Geo collection, disguising Geo Dock as a edge design rocky stone on an incline , ready to recharge your iPhone X or later, or you high end Android smartphone. There are more and more models of phones compatible with Qi technology, discover more on the World Power Consortium web site, more modes are added literally every week!
We kept the jewel of the crown of the Geo Collection; The Geo wireless Powerbank. This charger is Qi compatible, with enough capacity to recharge a full modern smartphone 2 times, equipped with convenient suction cups to stick to your device, small enough to keep you device in range to recharge it wirelessly if it is compatible. Geo Wireless Powerbank actually lets you recharge 2 devices simultaneously;  one device via its USB connector, and another device wirelessly. 
Geo Dock and Geo wireless Powerbank are both equipped with state of the art electronics, including a system that will immediately shut down charging for your safety if a foreign object is detected in the charging surface.
Take an insightful tour of the Geo collection right here
Ranging from $39 to $49, the entire collection is available today. Visit  www.lafab.us and  www.amazon.com/xoopar

About Xoopar:

Xoopar (“Joy in technology” www.xoopar.com) is an innovative gadget outlet at the cross road between design and technology. Xoopar is born from the friendship between Olivier Vergnet and Pierre Yu during an internship in Hong Kong. With offices in China and in Paris, the company combines the strengths of industrial and engineering know-how with cool design inspired from the Art Toy culture. Xoopar sells its signature products in more than 20 countries, within high-street consumer electronics retailers, telecom carriers, major department stores and concept stores in Asia, Europe and in the US. Xoopar is a registered trademark in China, HongKong, in the EU, the USA and other countries. Xoopar is distributed in the United States by LaFab US LLC (www.lafab.us/brand/Xoopar)

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