Xtyle Odeon Introduces Wave Beach 3D Wireless Stereo Headphones, The First SPAS Class Headphones

AUSTIN, TX –Aug 21st, 2018

Xtyle Odeon (“XO”), a global brand of accessories for digital lifestyle, launches today Wave Beach 3D, and sets the bar for a whole new category of wireless stereo headphones, delivering high-end music quality by combining performance hardware with advanced digital audio software

Wave Beach 3D is a wireless stereo over-the-ear headphone that will give a real kick to your music listening. Music. Emotion. XO.

Timeless design and comfortable

Xtyle Odeon has designed this masterpiece with high precision metal alloy and noble materials. The arch is covered with leatherette and offers rotatable left and right speakers, with adjustable arms, to fit comfortably on your ears. As you wear Wave Beach 3D, you immediately feel both the comfort of the cushy earpads, and the surprisingly efficient passive noise cancellation. Discreet control buttons for Bluetooth operations are located on the right side, while the left side can receive the removable 3.5 mm jack cable included. Weighting only 6.56 ounces, it is remarkably light and ready for long and comfortable hours of music playing, with up to 17 hours of battery life.

The first SPAS Class Headphones on the market 

As it stands, Wave Beach 3D provides an amazing sound performance, in a precisely balanced music equilibrium:  it delivers deep bass, crisp instrumental rendering, and crystal clear medium and trebles that will definitely move you. Whether you love Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock, Pop, Electro, Jazz or Blues, you will feel the original emotion of your first listening.

But Wave 3D offers a whole new level of musical experience that has never been reached before: Combined with its Boom companion app, the headphone reveals its full power by creating a natural three dimensional effect in an alluring and immersive experience, much like a 3D movie to a regular movie. The experience is larger than life, and your adrenalin will kick in instantaneously! As your ears perceive now the sound depth, like when you hear natural sound, a whole new addictive music emotion fills you.

With no additional hardware, Wave Beach 3D’s companion app is a software-based DSP (Digital Signal Processor) optimized for the state of the art Wave audio hardware that taps into the computing power of your smartphone, to create this 3D effect that you can control right from the app and gives the natural music depth perception that ordinary headphones, positioned against the ears, are incapable of rendering normally.  This major improvement of sound quality for headphones, combining advanced software and ultimate hardware, defines the new frontier in the audio industry and is referred to as SPAS-Class Headphones (Signal Processing Assisted Sound). Boom’s music player also offers several preset equalization profiles suited for different music styles.  The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, free of charge for Wave Beach 3D customers from www.boom3Dapp.com(by activation card included in the box with individual code *). 



Wave Beach 3D is available today from LaFab US www.lafab.us and selected retailers in the US, for $119. The discovery video clip is available by clicking here.

About Xtyle Odeon


Xtyle Odeon (www.x-o.live) brings a fresh thinking to modern mobile lifestyle accessories, with a multi disciplinary approach encompassing innovative product design, behavioral market research and fashion trends. The brand is rooted into its core values:  focused on product quality, looking for original niches. The brand is committed to social and environmental sustainability. XO is the mobile accessory brand for life. XO signs its audio line of products Wave. Music. Emotion. XO.

XO is distributed in the United States by LaFab US .

 About Global Delight

Boom is the brain child of Global Delight, founded in 2007 in Southwest India on love of music, and advanced signal coding and mathematic skills. Over 45 millions customers use GD software worldwide.


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