Xtyle Odeon Launches Enamor Triptych Collection of iPhone Cases

The World's First Designer Collection of Smartphone Cases Made in Paris, France

Austin, TX: XO launches its Premier Designer Collection of iPhone cases in the USA.

XO uses the Enamor banner for all its fashion cases. For its first collection of high-end fashion cases,  XO has selected the young and upcoming French-Israeli born designer Avichai Braitbart, to create an inspirational, authentic, and original lines of luxury cases for iPhone models. The result: The Enamor Triptych Collection, signed by the designer for XO.

The collection features 4 themes, each of them available for iPhone 6/6s/ 7/8 on one side, and for iPhone X on the other side. Each theme represents a city: Choose between Miami (Miami Fab) L.A. (Beverly Hills), or New York (New York and Madison).  Triptych Collection is a stunning and awesome display of designer inspiration and talent to translate into a luxury case the sensations and emotions born in each city, along a strict concept that brings unity to the collection: Each case in itself is a triptych composed by the designer to recreate the mood of the city. They are truly a beautiful piece of art as they stand.

To create the utmost quality, Avichai has composed the Triptych Collection with the same exclusive materials used by behemoth French luxury brand names, and the perfect quality and refine sophistication of the cases comes from its being manufactured in no other place than Paris, France,  the World Capital of Fashion, with the unique know-how of French craftsmanship found in the luxury industry. The vivid red inner part of the cases is a reminiscence of the high-end designer shoe industry that fashionistas will easily recognize. 

By all means, the Triptych Collection is absolutely exclusive and makes for a perfect gift for her or for him with a MSRP of $59.

"The Enamor Triptych Collection is taking from the vibes walking the streets of L.A., New York, and Miami Beach Each of these cities have their own mix of emotions, sensations, colors, and culture. I have tried to capture the primal soul and essence of each city through my personal sense of beauty. The Enamor Triptych Collection is both a tonal and sensorial depiction of each city, encapsulated in a luxury case, each one composed with the 3 major design elements defining that city.  More than a fashion statement, each Triptych case is love struck by its city, and a piece of art on its own. La Fab Paris manufactures these exquisite and delicate fashionista accessories in its ultra modern facility in the 18th district of Paris, with the finest fabrics and materials that I have used for French luxury brands. We keep our obsessive focus on quality and perfect the traditional heritage of French luxury leather craftsmanship with modern technology.

Enamor Triptych Collection is sold exclusively in the USA by LaFab US ; Discover the collection  here


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