Yoyo, The First Finger Speaker

Diminutive, yet punchy wireless speakers at your fingertips...literally!

The motto of Xoopar is Joy in Technology". Xoopar taps into its DNA to bring back the joy of tactile discovery that we experienced as infants with the playful Yoyo wireless speakers collection, a world first!

Much like the toy it takes its name from, Yoyo is a playful treat! Place its elastic ring around your finger,  turn it on, you are greeting by a "Hello" human voice cue, and that's it, you are ready to rock! Yoyo is so small it hides in your closed hands. open your palm, and release an incredible punch: Yoyo delivers 3 Watt of music power! Buy 2 Yoyos and you can pair them over Bluetooth for a very immersive stereo effect.

Yoyo is available in 6 different colors, it ships with a charging cable, recharges in an hour and deliver 2 hours of playtime.

Yoyo can also be used as a remote Bluetooth to control your phone's camera shutter to take selfies!

you can buy Yoyo in stand alone or buy in Duo version: 2 Yoyos of the same color in one packaging.

More about Yoyo here

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