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 I Working @ LaFab 

What makes it so unique to work at LaFab is that despite the fact that we are a classic business-model (we make revenue from physical hardware we sell, or manufacture),  we apply modern thinking and culture to it, much like in the new economy. So here is a snapshot of what we stand for.

We are definitely a startup, and we intend to keep the same startup spirit for as long as we can foresee!

Working with very limited resources, we pick and choose our people very carefully, not only based on their skills and experience, but also on their ability to adapt to our strong entreprise identity.

At LaFab, you will find an environment where you will be empowered, but not left alone. We expect our employees to take initiatives now, they have the right to test their own ideas. We want them to lead tomorrow.  We expect the highest commitment from our staff and they can expect us to foster a corporate culture where professionalism, creativity, transparency and fun are essential. We are first and foremost looking for creative minds and problem solvers, in every aspect of our classic business, from product design to business models.  Imagination and creativity is what generates added value in our company.

As a general rule, we always look to fulfill new positions first by promoting our current staff. We will do our best to offer great benefit plans to our US employees and their families.

In our organization, job descriptions are often multi facetted. That makes our job offerings a lot challenging but also richer. What guides our organization is a total customer satisfaction experience which calls upon a multi task team effort. 

We see positive profitability not as a goal, but as a means to secure our company’s future and our entrepreneur freedom, so we can follow our ideas and strategy.

Due to the permanent high pace of the smartphone market, the multi-tasking nature of our organization, and the agile character of our company,  LaFab is a workplace best suited for doers, thinkers and dreamers with strong personal interactive skills. We live under a permanent (positive) stress, always planning the future while managing the present, very busy with many different aspects and projects simultaneously, and needing to interact with our colleagues all the time:  Team spirit is crucial.

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