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The Consciousness campaign asks a painful question to society and invites to share  

the real situation behind each climate crisis. We still have time to heal the damage we have

caused to our planet; and that’s why we’ve created a limited collection to help put action behind 4 nature icons: our glaciers, corals, savannah and beaches.

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Beach Sand

In 20 years, there could be

more plastic in our oceans than fish. 

Plastic pollution injures more than

100.000 marine animals every year.

It takes around 450 years for one

plastic bottle to decompose.


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Living Coral

We will have lost 60% of our

coral reefs by 2030. 

Coral reefs are essential to humans, as they

protect the shorelines and are a source of

nutrients and habitat for thousands

of marine species.


Coral Reef Today

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Closca Bottle Black Coral

Double opening : clean and disinfect your bottle in depth

Hands-free : wear your bottle thanks to the patented grip system.

Borosilicate glass : the only material that does not add taste or smell to the water. 

BPA-free and recyclable.

Wide and rounded glass mouth that improves the feeling of warmth in the lips.

Customizable accessories

The  NFC chip  located at the bottom opens the Closca Water App directly on your phone so you can find the nearest water recharging points.

Closca Bottle Infuser not included in the Closca Bottle.


Glacier Aquamarine

Glaciers contain 75% of the

World's freshwater.

The effects of melting ice glaciers are

biodiversity loss, the rising of the sea level

and the deficiency of freshwater,

among others.


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Savanna Sun

The Earth’s area affected by desertification

is approx 11 times India’s size.

The Savannas act as a carbon sink,

absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and

helping to maintain the balance

of global temperatures.


Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture
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Odoo image and text block

Optional Bottle Infuser

Add flavour and freshness to your water:  you can add tea, fruit, ice and all your creativity to your beverages. 

Hot or Cold:  it allows you to enjoy drinks with different temperatures.

Perfect fit:  It is inserted through the bottom opening of your Closca Bottle and, thanks to its silicone gaskets, guarantees a worry-free, leak-proof experience.

Enjoy your Closca Bottle with your favorite drink!

*Not compatible with Closca Bottle Wave.


Inspire Change  starts by sharing knowledge and creating a platform where people can share and influence others.

Unite together, share knowledge and drive action

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo image and text block

Wave: The Other Closca Bottle

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