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  1. be filled with a feeling of love for.
    synonyms: in love with, infatuated with,  smitten with, captivated by, enchanted by, fascinated by, bewitched by, beguiled by;   
    • have a liking or admiration for.
      "she was truly enamored of New York"
      Xtyle Odeon line of fashion cases.
      Discover the Triptych Collection  the only smartphone cases in the world made in Paris, France, ( world capital of Fashion)  by acclaimed designer Avichai Braitbart.


Tonight, you are going to shine like a star at the club...You'll be shimmering with glitter and catch the light.

Saturday, you'll be cleaned up and sharp for that diner in town, black tie evening, champagne and piano jazz.

Monday, you'll impress your colleagues with your Instagram feed of the roof top's gardening session of Sunday afternoon.

We are changing clothing style for every occasion, and do not blame your folks if they can't wrap their heads around it! One day you are dressed grungy in your baggy jeans and sneakers , the next day, you show up in leather jacket and boots, then, you are spotted in the most alluring attire for this alumni evening and stilettos, so what is your style, who are you ? You choose to be the style you want, when you like it. You reinvent yourself here and now, and tomorrow will be a different style. Embrace the wildest possibilities of fashion styles, and keep your good looks!

XO has a fashion case for every occasion in life to dress your smartphone... in STYLE! And that's ENAMOR fashion cases.

ENAMOR  is your fashion destination for your digital companion:  Pick the collection of ENAMOR cases that is the right mood for you,  and make a fashion statement with your smartphone case, et voilà!


Odoo CMS - a big picture
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