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You found the home of the BOYS's family!

We are the perfect gift, for her,  for him, for them too!

We will find our own home in your interior decoration, trust us!

We are the heroic gadget family that embodies the Art Toy Culture.

We are cute, and we come in plenty of colors.

But we can also be mischievous, and don't pretend you don't know our reputation!  Yes we talk to you when we start up, we talk to you when we are looking for your phone, and again when we are paired by bluetooth, or even when we need your help for juice! And its is true what they say on the internet, we play loud and proud! People are known to get crazy about their BOYS. Sometime, they use our tiny hands to hold the most embarrassing objects, and then take selfies with us! Sometime, we become their confident. Always, we bring joy in our relationship.

Each member of the BOY family has its own secret, and we all serve a different purpose.

We are your companion, everywhere you go, and we can sooth you with our ambiant color lights.

So don't just adopt us, love us... and maybe we'll love you too!

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sweet & sour mini XBoys

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The Eco-friendly mini XBoy in Wheat Enclosure

Same cute little guy.

Same punchy sound.

This time, fully TWS, stereo enabled.

Same human voice cues you love... and the same attitude you love!

But now it is ecologically friendly! Part of the Organic Collection, the enclosure is now made out of wheat. It becomes biodegradable once it is buried (it decays over 4 years where plastic can take up to 400 years), and ships in cardboard recycled FSC certified packaging.


Odoo CMS - a big picture

XBOY mini - the cutest

Do not mess around with the diminutive baby of the XBOY family! 3 inch standing, packing 3W of power, YouTube is still trying to recover from unboxing XBOY mini!

Don't judge XBOY owners, because once you'll adopt one, you'll go crazy for these little boys too. So convenient, so original, so much fun and loud sound! They deliver on every level ! Choose from 7 colors.

NEW: Now available in PURPLE!


Check what the button can do in the back of their head, that will help you with your selfies! 

Something special:  The Gold Edition is back... with a vengeance!


BOY STEREO - the smartest

with 10W of music power, it packs even more punch than the XBOY... But once you bring 2 BOYs STEREO together...one plays only the left channel of your soundtrack while the other plays  the right channel, giving you a surround stereo effect! Place the BOYS stereo strategically in your living room, kitchen or bedroom, opposite to one another, and enjoy the immersive experience! One for him, one for her, but together, they make the perfect pair! Turn on an XBoy Stereo and it greets you with a " Hello, I'm on!" message. When it is trying to pair with your smartphone by bluetooth, it says "Looking Around!" until it is paired and then says "I've got you!". When it needs to be recharged, it will tell you "I need power!" Yes those fun XBoys have a lot of character, no wonder our community gets so emotional. And their bodies glow too with a soft LED soothing light.


With its built-in microphone, BOY STEREO doubles as speakerphone: You can share your conversation with your friends and family.. Plus, if you have decided to discipline your phone usage, BOY STEREO is perfect for you: Copy your music on a microSD card that you place in its built-in reader in the back of its head, and you do not need your phone anymore, all your music is now inside BOY STEREO!  Exists in 5 colors.


Grand BOY - the mightiest

23W of music power, a built-in deep bass subwoofer , Grand Boy stomachs all your music effortlessly and is not for the faintest hearts! Standing a full 8 inch, it is dressed in mysterious black or in mesmerizing silver to match your interior design. A token of contemporary style that will undoubtedly impress your friends, with a clear and powerful sound system.


Nope, we are not telling!


Odoo CMS - a big picture
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