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At Xoopar, we understand that what we can have a far-reaching impact across the planet everywhere our brand is present. We carry a responsibility to bring our modest positive contribution to make sure Earth remains for our children's' children a rich, bio-diverse, cleaner and sustainable ecosystem.

We have set a number of rules for ourselves that gives our customers predictability on WHERE we are going in terms of environment friendliness and HOW we are operating: This forms our "Lets' Go Green" multi year Strategy, which takes the form of our ORGANIC Collection of products. 

We will regularly update this page as our strategy continues to unfold.

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Enclosures made in regular plastics take 450 years on average to decay once buried in the soil. We improved significantly the natural process using Biosphere additive, and natural produces like Coffee, Tea or Wheat that we incorporate into our product enclosures up to 20% per mass. The bottom line: a decaying cycle reduced down to 5 years, easy to sort and reprocess for the industrial recycling industry



Like our packaging,  coming from FSC certified origin, long a fully FSC certified chain!

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Recycled the recycled leather we use in partnership with frbg Paris. These offcuts and wastes from leather workshops are collected, ground down to a powder, and in a unique process pioneered by frfb Paris, recomposed into this rich, enduring fine-grained recycled leather, saving massive amount of water usage, cattle livestock and pollution to breed them.


Download the EOG research document detailing the positive environmental impact of recycled leather

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