Collapsible Helmet Classic with NFC Tag

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Inspired by the Guggenheim in New York, it has positioned itself as a design icon with a clear objective: to promote sustainable and safe urban micro-mobility with the challenge #CitiesWithSoul. Closca Helmet is the only collapsable helmet on the market. Its patented system allows you to reduce its size by 55% in just one second so you can carry it in your backpack or purse easily and comfortably. It has double safety certification CPSC and EN1078 and, in case of collision, thanks to the micro-movements, the impact is distributed over the entire surface keeping your head protected. Closca Helmet is very lightweight (250-290 grams) and will adjust to each person thanks to its rear adjusting system and its "invisible" ventilation system improves airflow and makes it an ideal helmet for any time of the year. Technology and safety are the keys to the Closca Helmet. This electric skateboard and bike helmet has an NFC chip located in the front of the helmet between the logo and the visor (optional) that allows you to save your medical history and call your contact in case of emergency. Any helper with an NFC smartphone can collect your blood type, allergies and other critical medical data as well as your emergency contacts to save your life on an accident site where you are injured simply by bringing their phone close to your helmet. Closca Helmet has won the best design awards: Red Dot Design Award 2015, Gold Delta Design (2017) and Eurobike Award (2015) The Closca Loop unisex bike helmet covers the most sensitive part of the head and protects it against any impact produced by an accident. In the event of a collision, the impact is dissipated and distributed over the surface of the helmet, significantly reducing the impact. Helmet Loop is a collapsable helmet with a patented design. this is an incredibly convenient design when you have to make stops while biking or on an electric scooter and an elegant way to keep your coveted helmet with you. Thanks to this unique design feature, your helmet fits into a simple tote bag or a small light backpack. When you want to collapse it, just press on it, and in 1 second, it takes 45% less space and becomes totally flat! This unique signature feature got Closca the red dot design award. But your comfort while riding is also our concern: Its innovative ventilation system provides a constant airflow. The vent orifices are neatly concealed to protect you against fine rain, but they are there, and they do work well!. the rear adjustment allows it to adapt to the head just by pulling the rubber protecting the area of the nape of the neck Helmet loop is light, only 12 oz for the M size, and just above 13 oz for the L version. And do not worry about how your helmet adjusts to your head: Most users fit with the M size and larger heads require the L size. In addition, the interchangeable displays allow for further customization. Composition: polycarbonate + expanded polystyrene + polyamide + nylon #CitiesWithSoul The challenge of cities without smoke and noise. 91% of the world's population breathes air that exceeds the health limits set by the WHO on a daily basis. Therefore, this challenge promotes the use of non-polluting transport, such as bicycles or scooters, for urban mobility in the last mile. But always in a safe, elegant, and comfortable way.



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